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Everywhere we go we see technology. Our day begins with using technology and ends with using technology. In fact, the human beings have come a very long way since the times of usage of handmade tools to survive. Gone are the days when teachers had to use blackboards and textbooks for educational purposes. Pens, papers, and notebooks are no longer needed when we have interactive whiteboards, laptops, I-Phone, and netbooks. In the current world, people have to become tech savvy in order to prepare themselves for more technology in the future. As a matter of fact, people with least knowledge of how to use technology appropriately can face difficulties in the future as we have already entered an era that is full of technology.

Remember the time when there were no calculators and people had to perform lengthy calculations manually. Then in the 1970s calculators arrived and made things much easier for students and other people. It is very important for every man in the current world of technology to remain updated about the new trends in technology to remain competitive. People from older generations have to give up the old ways of doing things and need to adapt to the technological aspects everywhere…..

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