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Our lives have been very much affected by technology. Science in general and technology, in particular, have helped mankind in making many advances in the modern world. One of the major areas in which technology has had an impact is that of education.

Another important advancement due to technology has been the development of various types of videos and movies. It can be said that videos have been a great help toward teaching students. However, it cannot be assumed that all advances made by technology have been good. Some have been good whereas some others have been bad. Technology definitely has advantages when it is used to improve the education system and has been able to increase the knowledge which a student can learn. It can, however, have drawbacks as well. Despite having advantages, the disadvantages of using technology as a teaching tool still outweigh the positive points. Following the religion of Christianity, we need to be vigilant and make sure that due to technology, students do not fall onto the wrong path and commit sins.

If technology is used for a good purpose, it can certainly be helpful in assisting teachers to teach in better and more innovative ways. There are many options available on the internet which combines various media such as text, visual, graphics, audio and other such elements (Bates). The various types of media have been helpful in providing knowledge to students in various, new ways. It has provided them with…

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