Essay: Conflict Resolution

Essay: The impact of prejudice and discrimination

Sample Essay

The visionary fathers of the Americas land seems like they did not have an ill motive for all the Americans when they came up with the Americas ideology of liberty and equity, a land for equal chances to all. From on set, this dream assumed a virtual thing because year down the line, men and women suffered kept suffering out of slavery and inequity, an exact opposite of what was promised.


Research Paper on Capital Sentencing

Research Paper on Capital Sentencing

Judicial instructions provide the law which jurors are to follow when making their decisions. These decisions range from decisions about negligence and compensation in civil trials to guilt or innocence decisions in criminal trials and ultimately life and death decisions in capital trials. The purpose of judicial instructions in all trials is to guide jurors in their decisions. (more…)

Essay on Drug Abuse among young children

Essay on Drug Abuse among young children

The health of young people has long been of interest to the World Health Organization (WHO) and many governments, but the rate of implementation has been very slow until recently. In the Alma Ata Declaration, for instance, there is hardly a mention of youth. For many years the health of young people has been neglected because they are considered to be less vulnerable than children or older people to the onset of ill-health. (more…)



The culture into which children are born determines the roles of their parents, structures their relationships with other people and determines much of the behavior patterns they acquire. The extent that these young people are prepared for their future roles as responsible adults is the challenge facing society today. The abuse of drugs has been always an international problem because it has never been possible to confine drugs to their place of origin. Market forces have contributed to the high mobility of drugs used in different societies. (more…)

The Law of Attraction

This term paper examines the law of attraction as stated in the book ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne.

1,500 Words (Approx. 6 pages), 5 Sources, APA, 2009.


This term paper defines the law of attraction and describes how it works in real life. According to the law of attraction human beings attract what they think. If they think positively then they attract positive things in their lives while on the other hand if they think negatively they attract negative situations and things in life. The term paper further discusses the law of attraction with reference of the book ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne.

From the Term Paper

The law of attraction refers to the universal law which states that things and situations we attract in our lives is utterly determined by our thoughts (Desy, 2008). We attract what we want and we even attract what we do not want. Our thoughts are so powerful that we can attract the people, things at home and wealth, in our lives.If we limit thoughts and live in misery than we will always attract negative things in life. On the other hand, if we have a mindset where we believe that we can achieve the impossible than the sky is the limit for us…..

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