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Due to the development of technology, our lives have faced great changes. The world has changed as a result of the advancements in technology. Amongst the areas which have been affected by technology, education is one of them. A major advancement has occurred with videos and movies being produced. Many people are of the opinion that the videos and movies produced aid in teaching and are important tools for teachers. Technology has helped new developments and inventions to take place however not all of these have been for the betterment of people and society. Even though the advantages of using technology in education are immense, it should not lead us to believe that there are no disadvantages. Technology certainly helps in increasing the amount of knowledge a child has, however, the disadvantages of this are seen to be much greater than the advantages. As the follower’s of Christianity, we need to have the knowledge of what things technology offers in order to protect our children from committing any form of sin.

If used in the appropriate manner, children can benefit from technology to a great extent. The internet combines media forms which consist of audio, text, graphic, visual and various other self motivated factors (Bates). All these forms are able to provide knowledge in various ways. For example the opportunity…

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