Difference between Creative and Technical Writing

Difference between Creative and Technical Writing

There are different types of writers all over the world who fall into two major categories, creative writers, and technical writers. Amazingly, some writers have made millions from both categories while some have not made anything. Both types of writing are completely different and have different approaches. Both of them serve different purposes. Both types have different rules, formats, do’s and don’ts. In this article, we will discuss the difference between creative and technical writing. (more…)

Professional Microeconomics Critical Writing Company

Microeconomics Critical Writing Company

Are you curious about how commodities fluctuate in terms of consumer demand and supply? Do you want to discover how different items differ in terms of percentage of need? If you’re interested in such ideas and want to pursue a career in this field, you’ll need to brush up on your microeconomics knowledge. Essay Demon is a service that can assist you with a variety of themes as well as Microeconomics Critical Writing assistance.

Capstone Writing Project Guideline

What is a Capstone Writing?

Capstone writing is the last stage in a student’s academic career. It often denotes the end of a semester or school year. It was given the name “capstone” because, like a capstone, it represents the end of a college degree. It’s a difficult task that takes a long time to complete and demands a lot of research. It’s a brand-new sort of capstone project available to college majors.

While it is not included in every university’s curriculum, it is a prevalent type of assignment at several. As a result, the capstone project has a lot of weight. Continue reading to learn how to create a capstone writing assignment and how to order one. (more…)

Writing a Creative Writing Paper

How To Write a Creative Writing Paper?

The world of academia is enormous, and man’s ability to completely comprehend it is limited. Students, on the other hand, face this challenge on a daily basis. Being a part of an educational organization comes with a plethora of duties that must be met. One of them is writing academic papers on a regular basis. Students write lengthy articles needing substantial study on a daily basis in order to achieve their academic goals. Creative writing, on the other hand, is a form of writing that goes beyond the confines of academic writing. Because it is not a professional kind of writing, anyone may be interested in producing a creative writing paper. (more…)

Is it Ethical to Buy Essay Online?

Is it Ethical to Buy Essay Online?

These days online custom writing companies are all spread over the internet. All you need is to search for the one which provides original and plagiarism-free essays to avoid any legal problems. However, there is a debate revolving everywhere whether it is ethical to buy essays online or not. Different people have their own perspectives on this issue. This article will provide some advantages of using online custom writing services. Keep reading the article to find out. (more…)