Information Technology Essay

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Information technology has brought about a revolution not just in one country but all over the world. It is truly a global phenomenon, the introduction, and development of the internet and information available on the world wide web has not only had impact on the macro level like societies, which were more insular and less dependent on the external environment or forces, therefore they were more isolated and individualistic, however with the introduction of internet and its global reach societies have had to become more open and are being influenced by external forces, in terms of soil, cultural political and even financial changes.

Today the result is evident when societies the world over are becoming increasingly open to the external cultures, as a western culture which is dominant in the world affects everyone. Today people from China to Egypt and from Russia to Argentina are buying not just food and consumer items but world’s leading brands from clothes to the most hi-tech computers and from cellular phones to entertainment.

In the past people like my parents who were dependent on snail mails, and used to physically send information from one place to another, making a phone call or tracing a person who was not home was thought to be virtually impossible. Today they can call and find me on my cell phone even if I am overseas. Today there is email and instant messaging through which people can communicate in a matter of moments, and since almost everyone has a cell phone it is very easy to trace people. Similarly, because of the internet revolution people have information on their fingertips and decision-making has also become straightforward and less time to consume than in the past.

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