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The article Five Wars of Globalization by Moises Naim discusses five highly decentralized, well-organized stateless networks of Drugs, Arms, Intellectual Property, People, and Money. Against whom countries are fighting wars simultaneously. These networks work with no boundaries and terrorize states and people much in the same way as AL Qaeda has been doing. The main motive behind these activities is money and profit, which acts as a driving force, similar to religious fanaticism.

The main cause of the ever-increasing rise of these networks of drugs, arms, intellectual property, people, and money is because of the increasing globalization and internationalization of trade. On one hand are the bureaucratic setups of the governments which act more as hindrances in the battle against these networks. On the other hand are the decentralized strategic alliances between various groups that keep on regrouping and growing. It would seem virtually impossible to win against these five groups, however, according to the author, the war has to be seen not as a “law enforcement problem” but as a new universal trend, and more vastly dispersed groups should be involved by countries in these wars in addition to the traditional agencies.

The number of resources at their disposal and the rise in the number of victims are unbelievable. And the truth according to the author is that the governments are fighting against a relatively new enemy with outdated methods and strategy and incompetent bureaucracies. The author then discusses the five wars:

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