Five Paragraphs Essays

Essay writing is a cumbersome task for many students. It is one of the most dreaded academic activities in the academic world. But there is no other way than to write essays if one is to succeed academically. In this article, we will discuss how to write five-paragraph essays. Five paragraph essays are not normally written at higher academic levels such as college or university. Usually, this essay writing format is taught in the high school and junior school to teach students to properly organize and structure an essay. Three things that must always be remembered when writing essays such as (i) The purpose of writing the essay, (ii) what to say in the essay and (iii) reminding the readers of the purpose. Read some easy tips below to learn to write five paragraph essays.


The introduction is the first paragraph of a five paragraph essay.  Introduce your topic in this paragraph along with the thesis statement. Provide some background information or state the key points to tell the readers what you are about to discuss as the essay progresses. This is same as writing other types of essays where you try to grab readers’ attention initially to keep them reading the entire essay.

Supporting Paragraphs

Now begin working on the main body. In a five-paragraph essay, the main body consists of three paragraphs. Each paragraph is independent of other paragraphs in a way that it relates to the main theme of the essay and must consist of subheadings. This is the segment of an essay where you provide facts and figures to support your thesis statement along with logical arguments. Every paragraph must use transitions as to relate to each other.


This is the fifth and last paragraph where you provide solutions posed by the question or include comments or personal views. It must not be lengthy and should be direct and straightforward along with reworded thesis statement to remind the readers about the main focus of the essay.

Follow these simple tips and you are on your way to write five paragraphs essays. It is simple and easy to learn. All you need is regular practice and patience to establish yourself as the best essay writer.

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