Sample Thomas Paine Essay

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Thomas Paine (1737-1809), writer and revolutionary, wrote the popular pamphlet, Common Sense, a call for American independence and democracy. Driven by a desire for freedom and justice, Paine’s thinking reflected French and English writers from age of reasoning. Paine published Common Sense in January 1776, six months before the Continental Congress declared independence from Britain. Of 2.5 million individuals living in the 13 colonies, nearly 500,000 obtained text of the pamphlet, suggesting the mood of the times. The essay reportedly persuaded even George Washington that the best answer to the crisis with England was to withdraw support to the crown. Jefferson apparently was motivated by Common Sense when writing the Declaration of Independence.

All through his life, Thomas Paine encouraged liberal ideology and standing up for one’s values. He thought that all people have the right to be free. Paine uncovered his feelings to the world through his Writing. He had a deep power on the American Revolution and on many groups in America and Europe. Thomas Paine showed that it does not make a difference what status you are born into, or how great a proper education you get. What matters is what is in your intelligence and feeling.

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