Gun Control Essay

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People living within the United States of America have been given special rights which have been stated within their Constitution which is considered as containing the ultimate law regarding every situation. The constitution states that for the security of their nation and of a free state, a well planned military system is needed as well as people having their right to keep arms with themselves. Despite people being given this right by the state, there are many individuals who believe owning guns and giving people the right to own them is quite risky.

Those against the proposition of gun control claim that guns have helped in protecting the lives of many, particularly in a situation which requires self defense. Gun control has been defined as the limitation/restriction put forward by the government on the purchase as well as the ownership of weapons and firearms (Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia).

They also state that the constitution has given people the right to own guns. Those people who are in possession of such weapons also believe that the arms have helped them protect not only themselves but their loved ones as well when danger struck.

It has been argued that despite owning a gun requires a license, there are many criminals who are able to get a gun without owning a license (National Rifle Association). In simple words, this means that even though the state is doing its best to…