A reaction essay consists of your first personal reaction to a piece of writing, documentary or a video. Reaction essays are not persuasive essays where you need to convince others about your opinion but a mere personal response to a certain event or piece of writing and the reasons for your response. Reaction essays are helpful, especially when dealing with events taking place currently to describe your personal feelings and response. This article provides some useful guidelines to write reaction essays. Read some easy tips below to write reaction essays.

Prepare Yourself

Prepare yourself for writing a reaction essay by watching the documentary, participating in an event or reading a particular book on which you intend to write.

Make Notes

Keep a notepad with you to note down key aspects of a book, event or a documentary to be able to use them in your reaction essay. This will help you note down exactly what you experience and how you respond.

Create an Outline

Answer few questions before you begin to write such as your personal response to a situation. How did you feel about the event or the book? What is your opinion? How will you conclude your reaction?

Organize the Notes

Organize all your findings into a proper structure to write the essay. Write down the introduction by stating your reaction. Then in the main body you can describe your reaction. Why did you feel that way after observing, reading or watching an event?

Conclude the Essay

Conclude your essay by stating how did an event affect your response? Briefly write your reaction after watching or reading an event.

Writing reaction essays is fun as you do not have to create arguments or persuade the readers. They are just about your personal response to a particular event.

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