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Oscar Lewis coined the expression “culture of poverty” for the philosophy and behavior that poor people in capitalist societies build up as they adjust to their circumstances. The main features of the culture of poverty are a lack of involvement in the organization of the mainstream society; financial drawbacks and many such issues. However, this to me is more of an exclusion from society because of low-income levels.

While on one hand poverty may be stable and may involve people along with many dimensions like low income, poor housing, and insufficient health care, social exclusion puts these essentials in the forefront. It is a method with costs stretching into the future, even across populations. Writers and researchers have explored the level of wealth needed to take part in ordinary activities and to use citizenship, and the way organizations such as schools and clubs, and the shared understanding that they create, can encourage inclusion and comfort.

Social exclusion is preserved by prevalent attitudes, from both individuals and society. For members of a minority, society favoritism may be the cause for exclusion. Poverty is central to the majority people’s idea of exclusion, but it is not the only factor other factors also work simultaneously. The level to which low-income results in exclusion will depend on its strength, and on the extent to which prospects and services are made available to all, regardless of their means. People from ethnic minority communities are effectively excluded and differentiated against three times over when it comes to crime and the whole criminal justice system.

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