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Sports have become stereotyped as being gender based-feminine or masculine which is based on people’s conceptions regarding the differences in gender and beliefs about how appropriate it is to participate in a sport according to one’s gender (Colley et al). Those sports which are seen t o be as feminine as those which allow women to participate and these participants are expected to act according to the stereotypical expectations relating to femininity. These expectations may include not being aggressive and being graceful instead, portraying beauty and being a sense of pleasure to watch. A sport is considered masculine if it involves one or more of the following aspects: 1) when attempts are made at overpowering the opponent by use of body contact, 2) using body force on a heavy object, 3) projecting the body through space or into space to cover a certain amount of distance, 4) a face to face competition in which contact between the body is a must. Along with these, characteristics which are thought to be appropriate and being defined as attributes of masculinity include effectiveness, power and aggression (Metheny). In a study conducted recently, 403…

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