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Feminism has increased in popularity over the past few centuries. When discussing feminism, a general word which comes up is equity feminism. This term is commonly confused with gender feminism and people need to be aware that both terms vary and are different from each other. When talking about these terms and referring to them, a person must keep in mind that these terms are used by anti-feminist groups rather than feminists. This can certainly help in differentiating between the two terms and using them appropriately.

It was Christina Hoff Summers who brought about the idea of equity and gender feminism. She wrote in her book, Who Stole Feminism that feminists are broken down into two categories namely gender and equity feminists. Equity feminists are those feminists who want equality and fair treatment for women whereas gender feminists are more concerned with the traditional roles men and women carry out according to their particular gender. Society has a huge impact on determining the type of roles each gender plays.

There are many types of feminists and the truth is certainly more complicated than it looks to be. There are some feminists who identify themselves with gender feminists and gender feminism whereas there are others who identify themselves with equity feminists and feminism. There are other feminists however who do not like this categorization of feminism and do not appreciate being divided into these two categories. They believe that gender and equity feminism both have their flaws and faults and one cannot be considered as being better than the other. There are many women who reject the idea of feminism as they believe that equality and equal rights for women and men can be achieved easily. This process is not an easy one; why else would feminists have tried for centuries to protest and work hard to…

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