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The issue of race is not a new one. People all over the world are different from one another, from their color of their skin to the physical features a person can be categorized belonging to a certain race. However, race does not just different people indicating what area they originate from. This is a simplistic view— as Gill (2000) in his article shows the Skeleton and bone structure of people from different races are different. However, being different is not the issue, rather giving a social and cultural color which makes one race superior to another is more important. Therefore it appears that race is less important as a biological phenomenon but more important as a social construct based on the historical perceptions of people.

According to Brace (2000), there is no such thing as race, the boundaries as defined by anthropologists are not very clear, in fact, according to him if one goes from Africa to Russia the change is not drastic but a gradual change as the climate changes. In addition, when blood grouping is analyzed, Africans and Europeans are more similar then European and Chinese. What Brace asserts is that the difference that is visible and distinct is because of shared ancestry and giving geographic labels alright, however stereotyping people because of where they belong to is not acceptable.

According to Brace (2000), the problem is that America has played a major role in perpetuating the social and cultural idea of race.

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