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Businesses, various institutions and people all over the world are connected via the Internet. The internet is a network of computers which connects everyone all around the world. The computers which are part of the network of computers making up the Internet all provide Internet access to computers all over the world. The internet is not a new phenomenon however it has started gaining publicity only recently. The internet first began due to an assortment of computers in the 1970’s which were linked together to create a communication system for the United States Department of Defense. Since the Americans were fearful of a nuclear attack, they did not feed all important information into one computer; instead, the data was spread out and fed into many computers. A procedure called the IP/TCP was originated which allowed all these computers to work together and stay connected. The same network which was created back in the 1970’s is what we use today. The network is, however, an upgraded version. The internet was started with a certain purpose in mind. It has fulfilled that purpose and has gone beyond its purpose. It has certainly brought about more good in society rather than being a source of bad things (Encarta).

People all over the world make use of the internet. Information is available which people can make use of, new associations are made and people come into contact with…

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