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Censorship refers to banning certain types of information. Censorship can take any form and any type of material can be censored. Just like television censorship, internet censorship to have increased over the past 10 to 15 years.

Since 1995 approximately, the governments of many countries around the world have tried to deal with the material which is made available to people. It is certainly true that some information found on the internet can be beneficial but the majority of the information available is harmful and unsuitable for people, especially minors. Material based on racial discrimination, articles against religion, pornography are all things which no government wants allowing for viewing in their country. Apart from being unsuitable, this material is illegal as well and should be banned.

The degree to which internet censorship is practiced in countries depends on how strict the government ensures the censorship laws. The government of certain countries is far stricter compared to others. People against internet censorship would argue that the content on the internet forms part of their ‘freedom of speech.’ To some extent, this may be true but the freedom of speech should not go to an extent that it becomes unsuitable for people. This is when the morality and ethics of the situation come into play. If…

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