Reflective essays refer to those types of essays where you explore about your personal thoughts and opinions on an event or incident. Reflective essays are used to write especially when you are applying for admission in a college or University. Reflective essays are different from the standard academic essays as in this type of essay your focus of writing is based on your personal experiences and what significant things you learned from a particular incident or event. The most difficult part of writing reflective essays is to choose an appropriate topic as in most of the cases an essay topic is not assigned by the professors. You are left with your personal choice to write a reflective essay. This article exactly provides you some hot topics to write reflective essays. Keep reading the article to discover some reflective essay topics.

An Obstacle you overcame in Life

Life presents with numerous challenges to overcome and we become successful in overcoming some of them while some challenges remain unresolved. Think of a similar situation or an obstacle in your life that made you learn new things. How that obstacle made you a person you are now and what will you do in the future to overcome other obstacles in life.

Your Inspirations

You may have a number of people in your life that inspired you a great deal. Think about their qualities and write what specific qualities you admire in these people and want to emulate. Your inspiration can be a politician, a sportsperson or a legendary historical figure.

Amazing Experience

We all experience amazing things in life that at times we do not share with others. You can write your reflective essay on a, particularly amazing experience. It can be about traveling to exotic places, working while others among your peers were enjoying life. Try to differentiate your experience by stating how it makes you different from your peers.

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