An essay on sociology discusses common societal problems that people and nations face. Sociology essays are interesting to write because they give one a chance to have a look at prevailing societal problems from a bird’s eye view and attempt to solve them by providing possible solutions and suggestions. Sociology is a vast subject and it needs to be studied with clear understanding and patience to be able to identify the societal problems. This article will provide some interesting ideas to write interesting essays on sociology. Read below to find out some very interesting topics.

Rape Victims

Your sociology essay can consist of topics such as rape victims. You can discuss how women recover emotionally after being rape victims. You can discuss the role of society and government to control such kind of heinous crimes in the society. Is rape committed for sexual gratification or out of the need to feel superior and manipulative?

Drug Abuse

You can write an essay on the health repercussions of taking drugs regularly and how they affect one’s health. How drug abuse contributes to the decline of youth in a country. What measures should concerned authorities take to prevent further damage to the society?

Death Penalty

This is one of the most argued topics in sociology whether the death penalty is an appropriate punishment for the criminals. What about people who commit a crime because of mental illnesses? Is it fair of the concerned authorities to kill someone mentally ill?

There are many interesting topics to explore and write an essay on sociology. People have their own personal views on various matters but to write a highly convincing essay on sociology you must come up with solid facts and evidence to prove your point in the essay.

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