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Essay writing is indeed a difficult task because it consists of conducting thorough research, determining the authenticity of material gathered through research and writing with coherence and in a structured manner. There are many students in high school and college who simply dread the ideas of writing essays but they do not have any other choice. Essay writing is inevitable and there is no student who can get through academia without writing essays as per the required standards. The purpose of this article is to provide you some useful tips as to guide you to write essays. Below are some very useful tips for you to consider.

Selecting a Topic

This is the most important aspects of writing essays because if you select a wrong topic then you can have real hard time ahead in terms of gathering sufficient material to write. When you are selecting a topic you need to make sure that the topic you are selecting is interesting in the first place and at the same time it consists of sufficient material as to conduct research. If your topic is interesting but it does not have sufficient material available on various sources how will you write the essay adhering the specifications provided by your professor. This is the reason that topic selection is the most important aspect of writing an essay. Your topic selection will determine the entire essay and how you approach it.

Write the Introduction

Once you have selected a good topic the next step is to write a compelling introduction. The introduction is the first part of any type of essay and it has to be spot on. If your introduction is not good enough your readers may not continue reading the entire essay and all your hard work will go in vain. The introduction of an essay consists of some introduction of all the main points that you intend to discuss in the main body. Once you have briefly introduced all the main points the next step is to write a convincing thesis statement telling the readers about the main objective of your essay.

The Main Body

Once you have a compelling introduction the next step is to write the main body which consists of three independent paragraphs discussing the main theme of the essay. This is the section where you can elaborate all the main points you briefly introduced in the introduction one by one. You can provide solid arguments backed by facts and figures so that you can prove your point.

The Conclusion

The conclusion is the last part of an essay and it is your last chance to convince your readers about a particular point or stance you have been supporting in your essay. You can provide possible suggestions or solutions to a problem. You also need to restate the thesis statement from the introduction.


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