Marketing essays, term papers, and research papers are a normal academic part of an MBA (Master’s of Business Administration) program. During your business administration studies, you will come across several courses related to business studies such as accounting, finance, statistics, economics, management, and marketing. Since this article is on marketing our focus will mainly be on selecting a marketing topic successfully to write an essay or a research paper. A purpose of writing a marketing essay is to promote a service or product, making marketing strategies or analyzing strengths and weaknesses of a particular organization in terms of marketing related activities. There are a number of topics that you can select to write essays on marketing. This article will provide you some interesting marketing topics to write essays. Keep reading to select an interesting marketing topic.

The Structure of a Marketing Essay

However, like all types of essays marketing essays follow a similar writing structure i.e., beginning with an appealing introduction, then the main body consisting of main arguments and strategies to promote a product and finally a strong conclusion to suggest or provide marketing solutions for the success of a product.

Things to Consider

Marketing is a vast subject and there are numerous topics that you can select to write essays. What is important and must be considered is the interest level you may have when it comes to selecting a marketing topic. It is important that the topic you select is something that interests you so that you can write the whole essay more easily.

Topics for Marketing Essays

You can select marketing topics related to the new trends and technology in marketing such as the importance and benefits of social media. It is something that is relatively new in the field of marketing and you can discover a lot on social media and its importance in the future of internet businesses. Since the internet is something that has become an integral part of our lives writing an essay on something related to the internet can be very interesting.

Another topic that you can select can be on ‘How various Business Organizations can Thrive in Times of Recession?’ You can focus on various marketing strategies to consider for an organization to promote products and services in times of recession. Studying the consumer behavior and needs in times of recession and coming up with a marketing plan that can thrive in times of recession.

When writing marketing essays it is very important to provide several examples to back your arguments and opinions. Consider providing as many examples as you can when writing essays on any topic in marketing.


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