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After having looked at the topics given for the assignment, I have come to believe that sociology is not only a study of the similarity or differences which exist in the types of traits which people have. Sociology is instead a science as well which studies the various factors which influence people’s lives. These factors then lead to various responses by people and hence need to be studied in sociology. The topics which sociology is concerned with revolve around the events which are taking place in the world currently. With the expansion in ideas and trends throughout the world, sociology too has adapted itself to study those areas which are related to the field. By studying the environment and the surroundings, sociologists are able to study the slightest of change which occurs and which affects a person’s daily life and his experiences. These changes which occur in the surroundings have an impact on a person’s attitudes, his beliefs, the way he/she behaves, personal growth as well as family dynamics.

One example which can be used to justify this point would be that of the internet. The internet is considered to be the greatest communicative tool which has had the greatest impact on people (Elliot). Despite it being an easy and convenient way for people to get to know one another be it in the form of business, personal relationships or education wise, sociology…

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