Hot Topics for Business Papers

Writing business papers in an MBA program is something that one has to do over and over again. As the study of business is such a vast academic discipline that there are numerous options available to choose an interesting business to the topic to write business papers. One of the best ways to find interesting topics related to the field of business is to look for scholarly journals, trade newspapers, popular business magazines such as The Fortune and articles on the internet. Reading these sources on a regular basis can broaden the horizons when it comes to select a business paper topic. This article provides some interesting and popular business topics to write a paper on business. Keep reading the article to find out.

Employee Motivation or Management

The main topics most often were written are products, marketing or business plans. However, the people who are the most vital aspect of any business organization are often neglected. How can an organization function and achieve its short term and long term goals without actually managing people effectively? Therefore, employee motivation and management remains the key aspect. You can opt for a business paper topic on personnel management and employee motivation.

International Business

International business covers the aspect of doing and managing businesses in other countries. Your business paper topic can cover the features related to consumer trends and needs in other countries. You can explore the possibility of opening a fast food chain in foreign countries like China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other Asian countries where the foreign exchange is relatively higher resulting in more profits and business success. You can study the trends of the Chinese market and write a business paper on opening a franchise of Starbucks in the Chinese market.

Business is a very vast academic discipline and your topics can vary from financial studies to accounting related fields of business.

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