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In the second part of the nineteenth century, liberalism swept across the whole of Europe and was evident in Germany also. In the period between 1867 and 1933 Germany experimented with democracy however the democracy did not survive, and eventually, Hitler took over as the dictator in 1933. This paper looks at eh reasons for the failure of democracy in Germany. The paper is divided into two sections: the first is still 1914 and the second period is after the First World War till 1933.

The First Period

After the Prussian-Austrian war in 1867, the German Confederation is restyled into the North German Confederation, deficient Austria, and Bavaria. The German states, Austria not included, unite into the German Empire in 1871. Germany replaced a constitutional monarchy with parliamentary institutions under the Otto von Bismarck as the Chancellor. Political parties expand the empire and Bismarck are recognized with passing the most intricate social welfare legislation of the age. On the other hand, Emperor William II dynamically expanded military power which contributed to the tensions on the continent. The delicate European balance of power, which Bismarck had helped to form, broke down in 1914. Germany’s development before 1914 varied significantly from that of other European countries. As a consequence, it is held, the course of German history both before and after 1914 was uneven than that of neighboring-particularly Western-states.

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