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There are various types of abortion which exists and which take place. Each type of abortion, however, is considered unethical and immoral. Abortion is a procedure which has been taking place in society since the 500 BC. The very first abortion took place in China when the mistress of the royal’s got pregnant. It was particularly women who were adulteresses who resorted to carrying out abortion. Apart from China, Egypt too was well known for having abortions take place.

Up until the 19th century, Christians approved of abortions and believed that until the fetus had not started to kick in the mother’s womb, carrying out abortion was allowed (Nordqvist).

In the 19th century, doctors were not very well aware of the procedure of abortion and hence the process was not safe for the mother and her well being. Compared to the way in which the process is carried out now, back then it was extremely harmful as doctor’s made use of sharp equipment. Most women induced abortion as it was considered illegal in the past. Many…

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