Sample Essay

History is made by two types of people, those who are successful and those who hit rock bottom and fail in achieving their set out objectives. The reason as to why the two extremes tend to mold history for us is became humans interpret events and information in the long run as black and white. As a result the history books are usually filled with people who have been successful in their political, economic, power based as well as personal ambitions. Therefore the concept that history is made of successful and victorious people is correct to an extent. However the exclusion of the failed or unsuccessful people and parties in history is not a fair well. This paper provides a brief argument on the fairness of history molded by victorious people and how it is unfair to the non victories parties in history.

The conclusion that only the powerful, successful and the victorious people in history tend to be remembered is not a fair conclusion at all. However in the case of recall of historic events, it does stand true as people only tend to remember great successes. This is because the physique of humans is usually predominantly oriented towards associating oneself with power, prominence and success.

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