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Capital punishment, also known as the death penalty has certainly raised questions among people in today’s times. With the evolution of society, people who commit a crime and other serious offenses have been punished with capital punishment. Throughout the world, there have been many countries which have allowed the death penalty to be enforced. In America, the government has wanted to reinforce people with the idea of death (Marzillo 12). Capital punishment according to Wikipedia is the punishment of execution given to people who have committed a crime and those who have carried out an offense which goes against the government and its laws.

Capital punishment and the death penalty have been for long a very controversial topic and have raised much debate over the years. The reason for carrying out death penalty and decapitation is so that the number of people who commit crimes reduces which will make the society safer as well. However many people put forward the argument that capital punishment is not the way to deal with this problem of high crime rates. The main reason for which a person may be executed is for treason, murder, sex crimes and other criminal acts however the reasons may differ in every society. Religion…

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