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Abstract: due to technological developments, a new period in society has emerged which is known as globalization which is something each sociologist explains differently.

Sociologists and historian both agree that there has been a certain kind of transformation in society and in the economic processes which are used throughout the world. There have been many developments in technology as well as the economy in the 20th century. This has led to globalization which has been seen as a new age in our modern world which has then developed into what Anthony Giddens has called a ‘single social system’ (Anthony Giddens). Globalization according to him is something which has affected every individual within society due to the increase in the interdependence between different countries.

This essay will talk in detail about what globalization really is and how it is of concern to sociologists, how various of them have tried explaining the term and what each means by it. Globalization is a phenomenon which can be created in various ways. Sociologists see is as a time in which sovereignty which is enjoyed by different nations is disappearing due to the revolution which has taken place in terms of technology which has caused…

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