Sample Essay – Sociology

Sociology is described to be an organized study of human social behaviors in a given society. Social perspective is defined to be views on general facts from a specific point of view by looking into general behavioral patterns of particular people. Each individual is unique but society is shaped by lives of people categorized by factors such as being a child, man or woman and poor or rich.

Theory is a statement which explains how and why facts are related. It has a well defined explanations and acceptable knowledge. Theory is a proposed relationship between two or more concepts that explains occurrence of something. Theory has been used in sociology to explain social behaviors in a real world. It is accepted to be a basic component in society that guides the thinking and research work. The sociology theory comprises three major theories namely: structural functional, social conflict and symbolic interaction theory which are described in this article (Macionis, 2010). Structural functional and social conflict theories are based on factors such as family, social status and race.

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