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The nation has changed and the workforce has progressed, the relationship between educational attainment and employment has developed stronger. The bang of education beyond the high school level on wages and employment has been well documented: Census data point out that, in general, the more education a person has, the better the lifetime earnings and the lower levels of unemployment he or she will experience.

The majority youths in the United States leave their parents’ homes at the age of 18 or soon after, but many young adults prolong to live in or return to their parents’ homes at a later period. According to the 2000 U.S. Census, there were 3.9 million multigenerational family households, almost four percent of all households (Census Bureau 2001). A large percentage of recent college graduates live at home with their parents, potentially adding to the financial burdens of their parents’ generation. This paper examines the hypothesis that more and more young Adults age 25-34 are living with their parents.

Each year, as college students transversely in the country finish their final exams and prepare to graduate, one question that they hear with increasing occurrence is: “Now what are you going to do?” For many students, the answers to this question are just beginning to appear.

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