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Abstract: people all over the world have different personalities and characteristics. Some may be visible which help in classification; others may not be as influential

People all over the world have individual differences and have certain qualities and characteristics which classify and conceptualize them. Some of the more obvious characteristics which can be used to distinguish people are race, gender, nationality, origin, class, language, and social background. Other ways in which people can be classified are personality and culture however these may not be as visible and influential.

This journal will consider individual differences based on personality profiles which have been determined by the Myer Briggs Inventory. The differences will firstly be linked to my individual experiences in working within a team with people of different personality types and styles and later it will be linked to how leadership skills can be developed.

The MBTI model has suggested that I come under the ENFP profile; however, Ramy and Hanna who are my teammates come under the ESTJ profile. These two different profiles suggest that despite all three of us being extroverts, I am more intuitive rather than being sensitive, I feel more and am emotional as compared to being a thinker and I perceive things more rather than judge them (Saggers). These cognitive differences would not have become apparent if we had not come together and worked as a team to bring about a product that…

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