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Abstract: war is something which has been carried out by different countries for many years. It is a phenomenon which will not cease to exist anytime soon.

War is an aspect that has always been present and always will be. It is a form of action which the human race perpetrates no matter what. There are a variety of reasons due to which war may be started. This may consist of reasons such as greed, rage, passion, defense and perhaps even religion to a great extent. These are some of the reasons why people may want to begin a war. When certain differences with the opposite party cannot be sorted out through mediation or if no compromise can be reached, if anger burns in the hearts and minds of both parties, war is seen as the last option. And the reason behind conducting war is to win. But how can someone win a war? If we were to ask the people of the Defense Department of the United States about the war which they are undergoing with Iraq the answer to the question might be that if a marine from the second world war were to be asked what his commanding officer told him, his response would be to get the enemy and to destroy him (Fussell).

The members of theā€¦

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