The concept of premarital sex being appropriate differs from culture to culture. Religion also plays a very important role in determining whether premarital sex is legal or not. In some countries, premarital sex is a heinous crime, and individuals who engage in such acts are heavily penalized. In some cases, they are also killed as a law of the government. Premarital sex is the act of indulging in sexual activity prior to marriage. Marriage in some cultures is necessary to involve in a sexual act. In some cultures engaging in sexual activity before marriage is punishable by law. In this article, our main topic of discussion will be whether premarital sex is appropriate or not. Please continue reading to find out more information.

Premarital Sex in Different Religions

Some religions such as Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and Hinduism do not allow premarital sex. Islam, on the other hand, has more definite punishments for committing this sin. Islam imposes a death sentence for someone who betrays a partner, and despite being married, has sex with someone. However, premarital sex is considered a sin and is punishable, but not as grave as post-marital sex. Pre-marital sex in Islam is punished with hurling 100 stones at the sinner if it happened with the consent of both males and females.

In almost all the major religions of the world premarital sex is a grave sin and anyone who engages in it is referred to as someone who will burn in hell hereafter. Christianity also discourages premarital sex but in the modern world especially in the west premarital sex is not considered bad. Many young men and women engage in it when in a relationship with the opposite sex. There are now strict laws in the west regarding premarital sex and it is considered a normal activity.

Is Premarital Sex Bad?

Having sexual relations with the opposite sex is natural and it is a basic instinct of a human being. It provides pleasure and satisfaction to an individual. Premarital sex can be harmful because it does not ensure individual commitment. It seems like that a person in a relationship is just after having sex and satisfies his urge if he involves in premarital sex. Marriage, on the other hand, is a formal commitment of two individuals to live together for a lifetime even through sufferings. It is a way of accepting another person as a life partner in front of other people. Therefore, it is considered legal and ethical in many cultures in the world. The most likely individuals engaging in premarital sex are teenagers.

Being young and inexperienced having such relationships can lead them to trouble. For instance, a teenage girl who engages in premarital sex can risk getting pregnant at such a young age. Since youngsters are studying they do not have the proper means of income to start a family and raise children. Such individuals can have a difficult time if they engage in premarital sex especially if they avoid birth control methods.

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