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Abstract: a paramedic is someone who deals with emergencies and medical situations by providing assistance. He is a critical person, required at the time of an emergency.

A paramedic is someone who gives people medical help, personal assistance when they may need it, and any type of emotional support which may be required. A paramedic is someone who is called at the time of an emergency and he/she is responsible for providing treatment on the spot, providing patients with stabilization which helps in saving their lives, they intervene at the time of a health crisis and transport sick patients to any hospital or medical treatment center.

In order to gather information for the job profile of a paramedic, the internet, an interview with a paramedic, and the ‘occupational outlook handbook’ have been made use of.

Job Description: Word Conditions

Paramedics are required to be working 40 hours a week if not more (Occupational Outlook Handbook). They do not have any fixed number of hours as they respond to medical emergencies which cannot be predicted. Paramedics are required to conduct work no matter what the situation may be; they are required to work under every type of circumstance and weather condition. Due to the great amount of standing, kneeling, walking, lifting, and bending which these paramedics are required to do, they must face many physical challenges. Paramedics may be exposed to great amounts of violence and dangerous situations which result in their lives being put at risk. They are even at a risk to contract diseases because they…

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