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Violence is something which is bound to remain in society for eternity. This is something which cannot be changed. What can be changed however is how people of society relate themselves to violence.

Despite what people believe and however it may seem, bloodshed did not start at Columbine. Instead, humans have always had the capability of hurting each other; this capability is deeper than what is seen at the local cinema. I do not disagree with the fact that the society which we live in is full of violence which has helped in numbing the pain and effects of this type of aggression. So I believe that debating over how violence is portrayed and perceived is important. But this is not the same as saying that we can be protected from it or that we should be (Leonard Pitts Jr.)

Our focus should be on the type of violence which takes place rather than focusing on the amount which takes place. According to a study carried out by Harvard University, Walt Disney may be considered as being dangerous to the health of children. This study has been published in The Journal of the AMA- American Medical Association. The researchers who conducted this study…

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