How violence on the media affects children: Essay

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Abstract: The television is a medium which broadcasts the greatest amount of violence compared to other mediums. Hence it is one which has the most impact on children.

Television is part of our mainstream culture. Violence which is shown through the media is something which has caused problems and hence it has been a cause of conflict ever since the 1950’s. People have been involved in many debates and have tried to arrive at a solution as to how children can be protected from the violence shown on television and other mediums. Television is one of the most common and modern types of media which has an impact and influence on the daily lives of individuals. The violence shown on television is something which has a major effect on the way children see the world. It is also an instrument which makes children behave in certain ways. The American television compared to others has become amongst the most violent all over the world. It is due to television violence in America being so great that researchers have been interested in this form of violence (Cantor and Hoffner). Children and teenagers enjoy watching television and due to the increase in the amount and type of technology available, movies and cables have made it possible for children to have access to all kinds of shows; even those shows which may be inappropriate for their particular age group. The violence shown on the television is the type which has influences children of all ages, from every socio-economic background and all stages of intelligence (Eron). Apart from the number of shows being broadcasted on television increasing, so has the amount of violence which each of these shows has. The television is an extremely powerful medium and can…

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