Censorship Essay

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Abstract: The Communications Act by Congress was an attempt to impose restrictions on any vulgar or indecent material which the media portrayed to the people.

Censorship is the term which is used to refer to the practice/act of removing any material which may be vulgar, obscene or which may lead to controversy in everyday life. Censorship is something which is practiced on a daily basis on the television, books, music and even the internet. Hence it is seen as something which we cannot escape from. Despite censorship, America still bases itself on the principle of freedom of speech and expression. This is a principle and belief which is constantly challenged. It was on the 1st of February, 1996 that The Communications Decency Act was passed (Congress). It was due to this act that the internet faced a great deal of shock.

This Act was an attempt made by the government to censor other media forms which were seen to be initiating the transmission of any material be it a request, comment, suggestion, image or anything else which was considered to be obscene, filthy, vulgar or even indecent which was transmitted to the people in order to annoy, threaten, harass or maybe even abuse a person (The Communications Act). Its purpose, however, was quite clear that it was created to keep minors (children) safe from the material which could be found on the internet. The law which was created would impose penalties on anyone who made use of indecent and wrong language or discussed any type of material which was seen as…

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