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Terrorist organizations have started entering into Latin America. Latin America is a new destination which has become popular amongst many terrorists. It is particularly the tri-border area which receives a lot of attention. This area consists of Argentina, Paraguay, Puerto Iguacu, Foz do Iguacu and Ciudad del Este (Abbott). The Latin American tri-border is the perfect spot for radicals and extremists to carry out their plans (Abbott). In Latin America, there are around 6 million Muslims who live in the different cities throughout the Latin American continent (Abbott). Most of these Muslims tend to live in areas which are bankrupt and poor. Ever since the attacks on the United States took place in September of 2001, governments have carried out investigations against the several terrorist groups which exist. While the investigation has been going on, many things have come out into the open. It has been found that terrorists use drug trafficking in order to get the finances needed to conduct their terrorist activities. Due to this, investigations have been conducted in order to find any link between terrorist groups and criminal groups. This does seem hard to believe at first as criminal organizations are groups which do not want any publicity when they conduct their deals (Chepesiuk)…

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