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Terrorism is something which has been a part of our society for a very long time. However, it is only during the last 10 years that there has been an increase in terrorist activities. Terrorism is carried out by people who which to make use of terror in the form of kidnappings, murder, bombings and others of the sort to fulfill their political agendas (Encarta). Terrorism is not something which is only experienced by Americans in the United States; people all over the world are affected by terrorism in its various shapes. Terrorisms and terrorists are of various types and each carries out a different purpose (Mockaitis).

The main purpose behind terrorist activities can be to bring about a change in the government. Terrorists are sometimes not satisfied with the political situation of their country and hence wish a change to come about. Not seeing anything being done to bring about their desired changes, they make decisions on their own. Another motive behind carrying out terrorist activities can be due to hatred toward a particular kind of people. This could mean not liking a particular race, ethnicity, religion or nationality.

In the past few years, as terrorist acts have been more common, they have become even more violent. Many terrorist groups work and carry out their plans in one region or country (Wilcox). Other groups may have their operations in more than one country. Due to the fact that terrorist groups cannot…

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