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Research has indicated that there is a likelihood of female and male students to have face a decline in the gap in their mathematics achievements (Gutbezahl). Female students are however still under represented in the advanced math classes which take place as well as in those careers which involve the use of math (Kerr, Stage and Maple). This is something which should concern every member of society including teachers, students as well as parents. Carmen Keller has investigated the topic of a mathematics field which is represented only by men. The goal of her work is to discover an aspect and prove it in regard to this domain. This having been said, she also believes that teachers who stereotype math pass this on to their students as well who begin to stereotype mathematics themselves too.

This entire article supports Keller’s thesis well. The data which she has uncovered and developed is extremely reliable as she has eliminated factors which could fit into her research. Internal as well as external influences have all been controlled such as school grades, prior achievements, and self confidence and so on. When solid data and analysis is available, the reader feels greatly supported and the information helps in connecting society with the sciences. This is the…

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