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Abstract: The Americans have realized that education should be given due importance and that due to financial constraints; people should not be deprived of education.

Ever since having entered office in the month of January, President George W. Bush has given top priority to education in his administration. Out of the 4 points in his agenda, one of them is that of implementing school vouchers. A voucher is a certificate which provides a credit against any future expenditure which may be conducted (The American Heritage Dictionary). By taking away money earned through tax from public schools and using it in schools in the private sector, the effectiveness of the American public education system is likely to become less. Students who may be from low income and lower class families will not be given equal opportunities to get educated. This will however lead to the violation of the First Amendment.

The concept of vouchers for schools was first introduced in the year 1995 by a conservation economist (Milton Friedman). His plan was to give parents who had children going to school, money which was earned through tax which could then be used to pay for the tuition of their children in various public as well as private educational institutions (Noll). President George W. Bush too made use of the philosophy which was presented by Friedman in his 4 point initiative. In the plan which he advocated, he decided to…

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