During high school and college, students get essay writing assignments in most of the courses they enroll. In most of the cases related to essay writing, students have to identify what type of essay they opt to write. There are a number of types of essay that students must be aware of in order to write more effectively. Without this basic understanding students may make mistakes and as a result, receive poor grades from their professors or instructors. This article will provide some useful information on the type of essays students are usually required to write. Keep reading the article to learn more about the essay types.

Argumentative Essays

Argumentative or persuasive essays are the essays that are written to persuade the readers about a certain fact or an argument made in the essay. It takes a position on a given topic and provides facts and figures an evidence to prove or disprove a certain position of the essay. These are very common types of essays and are very good for increasing analytical and critical thinking skills.

Compare and Contrast Essays

The purpose of writing compare and contrast essays is to define the similarities and contrasts in two different things, places, objects and persons. These types of essays comprisesĀ of two subjects that are compared and contrasted.

Narrative Essays

These types of essays tell a story in a sequential way. These essays are unique as they comprise of sensory details such as taste, smell, touch, hear and sight to involve the readers.

There are other types of essays such as descriptive essays, definition essays, and opinion essays but argumentative and compare and contrast essays are the most common types of essay writing activities.

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