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Social Production Model is based on a theory of urban alliances and community-based approach to social development that not only helps in building social projects like educational or health facilities but also develops a social fabric with the communities inhabiting the areas being part of the social development. This paper analyzes two articles, which have used the Social development Model to assess a community-based project.

The first article is Transforming Urban Regimes by Janice K. Tulloss in which she discusses how urban areas have changed how they have now become Urban Regimes, an alliance of different governing groups, which respond to the surroundings. With the demise of affordable housing, the urban society has responded with political responses and community-based alliances have been formed in cities across America. It focuses on the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (DSNI) in Boston, a remarkably interesting and original approach to all-inclusive community development.

The DSNI is different because in this specific project the community has developed a project and it is more of an alliance between different sectors of the community, very different from the traditional approach where the city government gives a plan then the community joins in. DSNI is a revitalization of a specific area of the community by constructing affordable housing on vacant land or empty buildings.

Although the construction of housing has been a very important, the general plan is comprehensive and also includes a large number of projects, including the building of a town common, a community center, and a number of social activities.

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