Sample Social Ethics Paper

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Many people are unaware of what exactly social ethics are. Social ethics consist of a person’s own personal experience which he has had either with people or with a particular culture. People can have individual ethics which consist of morals determining what is right or wrong. These morals are very individualistic. Social ethics, on the other hand, focus more on the type of behavior which a particular society deems as being acceptable. Various cultures and societies have different forms of beliefs which is why no one society can have the same social ethics however they can be similar to an extent.

Despite no two societies having the same type of social ethics, people are still expected to behave in a certain manner in the way they deal with one another. There are certain religious commandments as well which guide people as to how they should behave. Christianity for one teaches through its Ten Commandments that people should not steal. For people who are the followers of Christianity, this would be part of their ethics and values in which they believe.

When certain rights are enforced on the public, it should be ensured that the rights which others have are not overlooked upon. Certain things to consider when applying social ethics consist of the language of the people of the society, the various races which reside, the genders and the religion which every individual follows. Apart from this, the cultural and educational background of each individual needs to be kept into account when enforcing social ethics. People have certain family values as well and each has their own beliefs and morals. It should be kept in mind that these should not be hampered when enforcing social ethics within a society.

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