Sample Social Learning Essay

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Within the discipline of psychology, there are many theories which try to explain people. A learning theory is a theory which tries to explain how animals and people learn something. Social learning, a branch of the learning theory takes this explanation to a different level. It tries to explain how animals and people learn in the social settings in which they exist. Bandura is one of the leading psychologists as he is known for studying the theory of social learning. The 3 important concepts which are part of the social learning theory by Bandura are observational learning, imitation and modeling. There are various factors which influence the way people think and behave. Not only do humans learn by studying something themselves, they learn by observing others too. Observational learning is a process by which the learning occurs by observation and imitation. Bandura introduced this concept as he did not agree with the concepts of classical and operant conditioning. By applying the theory of social learning, no limits are put on the age group and nor is it restricted to any type of a particular setting.

As the learner grows up, the importance and meaning of how his peers see him, his actions and the decisions he makes become important (McCaslin). According to theā€¦

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