Sexuality and Religion in Hinduism

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According to Hinduism sexual interaction is not undivine, but lust is certainly. Hinduism commends sexual interaction between a married couple, for the purpose of reproduction, but not for the sake of pleasure. The physical body is a seat of impurities to achieve salvation one must be very cautious of it. An individual may get involved in physical pleasures but then he has to pay the price.

Whether it is homosexual interaction or the morally wrong activity, actually in Hinduism tolerates the oblivious people of this universe without humiliating them with the weight of its scriptural right. If the transvestites of Indians have their own gods and goddesses whom they worship according to the laws of Hinduism, and if Hindus believe them as a part of their community, it is because Hinduism implants among its believers the advantage of compassion and an innate quality to see life in a border framework.

Hinduism accepts the diversity of the world as an essential part of this reality that we call our world and acknowledges all the people in it as the children of God who are in a variety of stages of ignorance or spiritual progress. Like an ideal yogi, it views them all with composure. It never rejects their wisdom as well as their ignorance, without passing snooty judgments. Hinduism may not favor prostitution but would empathize with the prostitutes of the entire universe and wait for the poor souls to change themselves through their good activities and return to the path of dharma someday in future. Hinduism does not condemn a prostitute, but it does condemn a prostitute activity. (The Essence of Hinduism is Tolerance, 1980)

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