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First, it is significant to note that Buddhism, does not hold that man have a job to give birth and prohibit the consecration of marriage or birth by Buddhist monks and nuns. The abortion, particularly Catholicism, consider that sexual interaction is for reproduction, and that reproduction is a duty and blessing of God. In these traditions, an abortion is a usurpation of God’s will. (Parrinder, Geoffrey. 1980. Sex in the world’s religions. London: Sheldon Press)

In Buddhism however, the monastic life is of a higher order than the householder life. Unlike the rest of the religions, in Buddhism masturbation was considered as morally equivalent to heterosexual interaction. (Zwilling, Leonard. 1992) the tired book of the Pali canon, the Therigatha, is dedicated to the description of the bad luck of maidens, married women and mothers, and the joyous liberation they discovered in the nuns” order. This radical indifference to family life was one of the principal sources of Confucian hostility to Buddhism in China. (Chen, Kenneth. 1973)

The late Trevor Ling (Ling, Trevor. 1969) figured out that the Sinhalese practice of contraception and abortion was so enthusiastic in the 1960s, compared to Sri Lanka”s Muslims, Catholics, and Hindus, that chauvinistic monk started to argue, with little success, that Buddhists had a compulsion to “race religion nation” to reproduce. (James Hughes, 1998)

Abstinence from the sexual interaction of any kind is a precondition for monks and nuns. Previously it was considered that any monk involved in any sort of sexual interaction either with human or an animal should be expelled from the rank. Similarly, masturbation is also forbidden for except in the case of risk suspension. More specifically, interaction with women was prohibited if there was any sexual interaction motive. He must not even act as a conciliator between individuals ‘arranging marriage’.

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