Sexuality and Religion in Christianity

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Christianity views sexual interaction as a holy activity between married couples. The act of sexual interaction should involve a possibility for the reproduction of human beings.

Sexual interaction activity between a husband and wife, the activity should include the possibility of the reproduction. Natural contraception can be used to gap out children; however, the prospect of offspring should always exist.

Sexual interaction before marriage is a severe sin. It detaches you from Almighty God. One should not take Holy Empathy until one goes to confession and reconnect to God.

Mortal sin annihilates charity in the heart of a person by a severe violation of God’s law; it turns a person away from religious activities and the almighty, the one who is the ultimate end and his beatitude.

Protestant claims that under the circumstances of the following sexual interaction before marriage is permitted:

However, Protestants believe sexual interaction before marriage is acceptable if:

  • The couple love each other
  • The couple is in a long-term relationship
  • They intend to marry

Masturbation is a sin according to Christianity. Any sexual interaction action that does not lead to any chance of reproduction of human life and is outside the jurisdictions of marriage is considered a sin. In Christianity, sexual interaction is considered as a holy activity amongst husband and a wife. Any activity that belittles this activity for just personal pleasure is abusing the central purpose of sexual interaction. When we commit a sin, we move away from the religion and God.

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