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With the current situation in many countries, people are not safe. There is certainly much risk involved in carrying out the daily activities such as going to school. Due to a large amount of risk, people have to take precautionary measures to ensure safety, particularly at a school. When the school authority feels that its students and staff is at risk, a school lockdown is carried out.

A school lockdown is a process which the school initiates when they feel there is some sort of threat to the school and its occupants. The threats usually consist of bombs and shooters who may be targeting schools in general or a particular school for some purpose. Threats are certainly a form of violence and for the safety of the school, the authorities and the administration need to carry out this procedure. Not only is this procedure carried out when there is a threat against the school; even in the event of a natural disaster, for example, the schools carry out a school lockdown.

Schools usually plan ahead for these types of things. There is a certain process involved which all the teachers and students are aware of which takes place when a lockdown is in order. Students are generally asked to stay inside the class and to lock the doors. Windows too are shut tight and locked and they are even covered to prevent visibility from the inside or the outside. Everyone is asked to stay away from the doors and various entrances to keep safe. These measures are all carried out to keep the students and staff safe as they are the school’s responsibility when on the premises.

No one is usually allowed to enter the school building nor is anyone allowed to leave until the lockdown is called off. Sometimes, schools carry out this procedure just for precautionary measures if any threats are suspected. Usually…

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