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Abstract: America does not offer much choice in terms of public education and private sector education is something that not every parent can afford.

America is a free country; it is the nation that rules and leads the world. It has offered me a variety of choices in my life. However, one aspect which does not offer much choice and opportunities is that of education. The government has a great amount of control over the public education sector which has kept choices limited. If this control does not reduce, it could pose to be a problem for many. It is true that I can send my child to a private school however the costs are extremely high and much more than the amount I pay in taxes for the public education sector. Despite me being able to make such a choice and afford private education, many others are unable to. They do not have adequate options from which to choose.

Should the availability of choice be considered a good thing? Yes, it certainly should be. The capitalist society certainly believes that the availability of choice is a good thing (United States Constitution). The teachers too believe that having a certain degree of choice is worth and desirable. The teachers who teach in a public school in a large city are 3 times more likely to put their kids in a private school for their education (Barrett).

Why does the United States…

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